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Postpartum Rest; 10 ways to make it happen.

Postpartum rest is important. Plan for 5 days in bed, 5 days on the bed, 5 days around the bed…

Consider who will look after your other children (if you have them) and have this arranged before your baby is born.

Organise a meal train for your first few days home.
You could also cook an extra batch of dinner whenever you can and freeze it for during the postpartum period.

Figure out a housework plan BEFORE your baby is born. Who is going to do the cleaning? Walk the dog? Bins? Laundry?

Plan your sleeping space. Create a safe bed-sharing environment ‘just in case’ as this is far safer than falling asleep with your baby on a sofa or a recliner. You could consider buying a bigger bed too, a super king bed is fantastic.

Consider a postpartum doula
All doulas are a part of the DAI, Doula Association of Ireland. Many postpartum doulas are trained and accredited by DONA, (Doulas Of North America), the oldest doula organisation in America. A postpartum doula will charge by the hour and the price goes down the more hours you buy.

Consider asking family members to buy you a postpartum doula hour or hours as a baby presents instead of clothes etc.

Identify your stressors.
Do certain family members do your head in? What if you need a C-section and can’t drive for six weeks? Can your husband work from home? Do you have siblings or friends who can help? How will you deal with unwanted guests or guests overstaying their welcome?

Consider relaxation.
How will you relax? Netflix? A boxset?A bath? A gorgeous cup of coffee? Some good books? Have something to help you unwind and possibly something to get you back to sleep when you’re woken

Have a postpartum angel: Who will be the one to remind you to rest and who will send you back to bed if you try to get up and start doing housework/ overdoing it? (and you will!)

Need help with your postpartum plan? Why not contact me to help you write yours?

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